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Cassandra Moseley

Cassandra MoseleyAssociate Vice President for Research, Research and Innovation
Research Professor and Director, Institute for a Sustainable Environment (ISE)
Director, Ecosystem Workforce Program (
Graduate Faculty, Political Science
Participating Faculty, Environmental Studies
Adjunct Assistant Professor (Courtesy), Planning, Public Policy and Management

130 Hendricks Hall
5247 University of Oregon
Eugene, OR 97403-5247
Phone: (541) 346-4545


Ph.D. (political science) Yale University, (1999)
M.Phil. (political science) Yale University, (1994)
M.A. (political science) Yale University, (1993)
A.B. (mathematics and government) Cornell University, (1990)

Research Interests

Environmental politics and policy; forest governance, policy, and management; rural development; institutional change; political economy; community-based forestry; coupled human-natural systems; complexity and resilience; rural organization and collaboration; wildfire; bioenergy policy; payments for ecosystem services.

Recent Publications

Abrams, Jesse, Emily Jane Davis, and Cassandra Moseley. “Community-Based Organizations and Institutional Work in the Remote Rural West.” Submitted to Review of Policy Research (in press).

Abrams, Jesse, Max Nielsen-Pincus, Travis B. Paveglio, and Cassandra Moseley. “Community Wildfire Protection Planning in the American West: Homogeneity within Diversity.” Journal of Environmental Planning and Management, published online, 2015.

Schultz, Courtney, Katherine Mattor, and Cassandra Moseley. “Striking the balance between budgetary discretion and performance accountability: The case of the US Forest Service’s approach to integrated restoration.” Journal of Natural Resource Policy Research, published online, 2014.

Paveglio, Travis B., Cassandra Moseley, Matthew S. Carroll, Daniel R. Williams, Emily Jane Davis, and A. Paige Fischer. “Categorizing the Social Context of the Wildland-Urban Interface: Adaptive Capacity for Wildfire and Community ‘Archetypes.’” Forest Science, published online, 2014.
Davis, Emily Jane, Laurn Gwin, Cassandra Moseley, Hannah Gosnell, and Harmony Burright. “Beer, Beef, and Boards: The Role of Intermediaries in Payment for Ecosystem Services Arrangements in Northwestern Montana.” Journal of Environmental Planning and Management, published online, 2014.
Davis, Emily Jane, Max Nielsen-Pincus, Cassandra Moseley, and Pamala Jakes. “The Community Economic Impacts of Large Wildfires: A Case Study from Trinity County, CA.” Society and Natural Resources, 27(9):983-993, 2014.

Moseley, Cassandra, Gerardo Sandoval, and Emily Jane Davis. “Comparing Conditions of Labor-Intensive Forestry and Fire Suppression Workers.” Society and Natural Resources, 27(5):540-556, 2014.

Moseley, Cassandra and Susan Charnley. “Understanding Micro-Processes of Institutionalization: Stewardship Contracting and National Forest Management.” Policy Sciences, 47(1):69-98, 2014.

Nielsen-Pincus, Max, Cassandra Moseley, and Krista Gebert. “Job Growth and Loss Across Sectors and Time in the Western U.S.: the Impact of Large Wildfires.” Forest Policy and Economics, 38:199-206, 2014.

Lurie, Susan, Drew Bennett, Sally Duncan, Hannah Gosnell, Maria Lewis Hunter, Anita T. Morzillo, Cassandra Moseley, Max Nielsen-Pincus, Robert Parker, and Eric M. White. “PES Marketplace Development at the Local Scale: The Eugene Water and Electric Board as a Local Watershed Services Marketplace Driver.” Ecosystem Services, 6:93-103, 2013.
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Davis, Emily Jane, Cassandra Moseley, Jesse Abrams, Christine Olsen, and Janean Creighton. “The Diversity and Dynamism of Fire Science User Needs.” Journal of Forestry, 111(2):101-107, 2013.

Nielsen-Pincus, Max and Cassandra Moseley. “The Ecological Restoration Sector: Analysis of the Economic Impacts of a Sustained Program of Forest and Watershed Restoration.”

Sundstrom, Shiloh, Max Nielsen-Pincus, Cassandra Moseley, and Sarah McCaffery. “Woody Biomass Utilization Trends, Barriers, and Strategies: Perspectives of U.S. Forest Service Managers.” Journal of Forestry, 110(1):16-24, 2012.

Wade, David and Cassandra Moseley. “Foresters' Perceptions of Family Forest Owner Willingness to Participate in Forest Carbon Sequestration Markets.” Northern Journal of Applied Forestry, 28(4):199-203, 2011.

Becker, Dennis, Sarah McCaffrey, Dalia Abbas, Kathleen E. Halverson, Pamela Jakes, and Cassandra Moseley. “Conventional Wisdoms of Woody Biomass Utilization on Federal Public Lands.” Journal of Forestry, 109(4):208-218, 2011.

Robertson, Catherine, Richard Margerum, Tomas M. Koontz, Cassandra Moseley, and Sue Lurie. “Large Scale Natural Resource Collaborations: Lessons and Challenges from Australia and the United States.” Society and Natural Resources, 24(8):849-859, 2011.

Ojerio, Ryan S., Cassandra Moseley, Kathy Lynn, and Neil Bania. “The Limited Involvement of Socially Vulnerable Populations in Federal Programs to Mitigate Wildfire Risk in Arizona.” Natural Hazards Review, 12(1):28-36, 2011.

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