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This page provides links for students to explore current and post-graduation opportunities via PPPM. The department compiles an extensive set of information from a range of sources to help students research career opportunities. PPPM students have found jobs throughout the country and throughout the world in public, private and non-profit sector positions.

Links to Resources at UO

  • Graduate School Home Page
  • AAA Career Link: Register for this service using your university ID and email address and you will receive regular notices about job postings received by PPPM and the UO. School of A&AA's Professional Outreach and Development for Students (PODS)
  • University of Oregon Career Center: The career center is located on the second floor of our own Hendricks Hall. It offers a range of job search and preparation services.
  • Post-Graduate Fellowships
  • Internship and Job Resources: This page contains an extensive list of internship and job opportunities, as well as information on preparing for them.
  • PPPM Jobs Listserv: This list serve is open for anyone to subscribe to. The list serve exists solely for viewing current jobs being advertised in the environmental, planning and public policy fields. The list of jobs is not comprehensive, but is added to almost daily by the announcements sent to PPPM from the university's Career Center, and other agencies across Oregon, or passed on to us from alumni. This list serve is not open for dialogue. Those wishing to post a job on this list serve should send the job description in an email to

External Links

This page updated October 10, 2013