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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

* The room numbers listed below for contact persons are all in Hendricks Hall unless otherwise noted. 

How do I reserve a classroom or a meeting room on campus?
Email or verbally request your needs to Zudegi Giordano in room 119A, at least one day ahead of time. Most scheduling of this kind cannot be made by students directly to EMU or classroom scheduling staff.

How do I reserve audio visual (AV) equipment for class presentations?
There are four options that do not cost anything more than pre-planning:

  • If you are presenting for a PPPM class, please visit, call or email Zudegi in the Department office to reserve a laptop and projector (room 119, 346-3635, ).
  • If you are presenting for a CPW or other CSC project, see Julie Foster in room 111 (346-2878, ) for projectors, conference phone, digital cameras, easels, flipchart pads, screen, and other supplies.
  • The School of Architecture & Allied Arts’ Facilities Support Services desk, room 124 Lawrence Hall, loans out spotlights, rolling carts to move equipment, and laptops only with faculty written approval, to all A&AA students. Equipment cannot leave campus. Bring student I.D. Reservations are highly recommended (346-2099, Amber Goodman, ).
  • The Library has audio-visual resources here:

Where do I get group project supplies and department letterhead?
Group projects for CPW or CSC and with individual faculty members will get their supplies from their project manager or through the faculty, who will have the supplies ordered. Supplies that require planning ahead to receive are department letterhead stationery and envelopes (typesetting job, takes two weeks) and other special printing jobs. Make sure you have planned at least two weeks ahead to receive letterhead, envelopes, and special printings needed before large mailings (surveys) can go out. Any time there is doubt as to what to do or who to get instruction from, see Zudegi who can direct you to the right place or person.

How do I get reimbursement for expenses I paid on my group project?
Only pre-authorized, department expenses will be reimbursed. See your project manager (CPW/CSC projects) before making any purchases.

Where can I use a photocopier or fax machine?
The department’s photocopier and fax machine are for faculty and staff use only. Class assignments are a personal expense and must be done elsewhere. Coin-operated, UO cash on ID, or vending card-operated photocopiers are in the basement of the student union, Knight libraries, and 24-hour copy shops are in walking distance of campus and on the bus line within 10 minutes. Sending and receiving personal faxes is generally not allowed at the department. However, if you want to fax a job or internship application, or need a copy of a job announcement, we will make a copy for you. For special circumstances, see PPPM staff. The student union’s ticket office will do faxes for a fee. If you need to receive a fax, see if your sender can PDF the document to your email. Internship evaluations are a different matter to be handled through Rhonda Smith.

Driver certification for state cars and vans:
See Zudegi, PPPM. This is a two-week turnaround so plan ahead if you think you will need to be a driver for a field trip. Bring your drivers license.

Is Hendricks Hall open after 5:00 p.m. and on weekends?
Yes - with an issued building key. See Zudegi in the PPPM Office about getting one. With this key you have 24/7 access to the PPPM computer lab in room 21 (also need a code to get in that door).

Can I receive personal mail/packages in the department?
NO! All PPPM majors are given a mailbox only for department communications. All personal mail, magazine subscriptions, and packages must go to your residence or a post office box.

Are lockers available nearby?
Yes, minimally, in the basement Room 26. You can claim whatever doesn’t have stuff in it or a lock on it. Do remember to remove your lock and belongings when you are finished with the locker or your time here, whichever comes sooner. There are more lockers at the student union.

Is there coffee or a soda vending machine in the building?
There is a soda vending machine at the foot of the stairs to the basement. The department also has some minimal coffee service that is user-supported. The coffee is available at 50⊄ in the collection cup per small mug on the honor system. Large mug? Give more money. This is not a donation but directly funds all the coffee supplies. The department coffee supply is not available for evenings or weekends or for student group meetings. We usually make only one pot in the morning. When that’s gone (usually around 10:00), no more that day.

I want to ride my bike to school. Is there anything I need to know?
Yes! Your bike must be registered with campus security. LTD buses are equipped to take two standard bicycles loaded in front of the buses, and if these are full, they can allow 2 more inside the bus when there is room. But there are a few expectations about bikes on campus:
Follow traffic rules. Register your bike with Oregon Public Safety (on 15th across from the Rec Center), before you start parking it on campus. Registration is free but required. Please use the bike racks for parking rather than trees, signposts, benches, parking meters, sidewalk railings, and other assorted things that stick out of the ground. Bikes are not allowed inside Hendricks Hall at all at any time. No exceptions are made if you forget to bring your lock. Theft is very prevalent on campus, so always lock your bike! The UO has strict rules about bicycles on campus, and citation fees. For instance, no riding on the sidewalk. Please read thoroughly the PDF: Bike Policies

Dog policies
Only certified guide dogs for person(s) with special needs are allowed inside. If tied-up dogs continuously bark, campus police will be called.

Is there a microwave or refrigerator in the building?
In Hendricks Hall, there is a small kitchenette with sink and microwave in the basement area near the computer lab and CPW has a refrigerator—ask permission to use the refrigerator (CPW project managers). There is a microwave in the north area of the basement (student lounge). Feel free to use these spaces as long as you clean up after yourself (including splatters in the microwave) and help keep the space clean. Dishes left to “soak” are Not OK. Further detail on the cleanup policy is posted at the kitchen sink. Please read both signs before using the kitchen. Do not leave your food to mold in the refrigerator.

The whole UO campus is now smoke-free and the student health center has free stuff to help smokers kick the habit.

General Etiquette:
Please be aware of the consequences of your actions. For example, no shoes on the Hearth couches, wipe shoes on the entry foyer walk-off mats. Rainy day + boots w/lug soles = mud on the carpets.

Last but not least --
Welcome! We are proud to have you with us and will do our best to prepare you for a satisfying career in planning, public administration and nonprofit work!

This page updated September 25, 2012