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Funding Resources

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Funding through the PPPM Department

  • Graduate Teaching Fellowship (GTF): The department offers approximately 27 GTF positions per year. They are advertised in the spring, and as needed. Graduate students attending their first quarter and beyond are eligible to apply for these positions. University-wide GTFs can be found at the Graduate School
  • The John and Karen Baldwin Family Scholarship in Environmental Planning: supports graduate students enrolled in environmental planning in PPPM, with preference to students with either a background in environmental studies or who are taking concurrent coursework in environmental studies. Supported expenses include tuition, fees, books, supplies, materials and room and board. Eligible students will have demonstrated academic merit and a known commitment to learning about and improving the environment. No applications are taken for this award.
  • PPPM Advisory Council Fellowship Awards: provides financial assistance to an incoming graduate student who otherwise would have difficulty enrolling in PPPM. No applications are taken for this award.
  • Diane M. McKeel Scholarship in Public Affairs: provides assistance to enrolled PPPM undergraduates. Based on academic merit, financial need, and demonstrated interest in community development and service toward public good.
  • The Al Frazier Fund: Supports MPA students whose research and demonstrated interests are in the area of community participation. No applications are taken for this award.
  • The Joseph M. Edney Memorial Award:  supports graduate students in PPPM who are studying environmental planning. No applications are taken for this award. Candidates will be chosen based upon overall academic performance, commitment to learning and potential for further academic achievement.
  • The Gregory R. Pulliam Student Assistance Award:  supports undergraduate students in PPPM and is to help offset expenses directly relating to research or an internship opportunity. Expenses may include travel, books, supplies, materials, tuition, fees, or conference-related fees/travel. Preference may be given to students whose research or internship opportunity is in the area of community development. Primary selection criteria is academic performance/merit.
  • PPPM Department Travel Awards:  as available, by application Fall and Winter terms, must be currently enrolled.

Funding through the College of Design

  • Fred and Elva Cuthbert Emergency Student Scholarship: provides financial assistance to students who meet the following criteria and have encountered a situation involving unusual financial hardship caused by a family emergency, injury, illness or circumstances beyond his/her control. Eligible students will be 1) undergraduate of sophomore standing or higher and declared majors in architecture; landscape architecture; or planning, public policy and management; or 2) graduate students of any level in architecture; landscape architecture; or community and regional planning.
  • College of Design Student Travel Fund (up to $500, varies): Awarded on the basis of faculty and personal references and need to travel as relates to purpose of this award, the pursuit of knowledge to benefit both the individual student and College of Design through the sharing of experiences. Recipients are required to give a presentation in the form of a slide show, display, or lecture following completion of travel. Multiple awards. Advertised early in the school year.
  • Dean's Graduate Fellowships ($5000 x 7): Announced in Winter term and awarded in Spring term to master's students who are in the completion stage of their master's degree and working on a thesis, master's or terminal project. Strong preference will be given to students pursuing research activities or creative work.
  • Scholarships such as the Ellen M. Pennell, Clara Nasholm, and the College of Design Scholarship Fund are generally announced in early spring term.  Open to undergraduate majors and MCRP, MNM, and MPA students.

Funding through the University of Oregon

  • CoDaC Graduate Summer Research Award
  • UO Graduate School Funding Resources
  • UO Office of Student Financial Aid & Scholarships
  • UO Diversity Excellence Scholarship
    The University of Oregon Diversity Excellence Scholarship recognizes the academic achievement and potential of students who, through sharing their varied cultural perspectives, will enhance the education of all students and the excellence of the university. The Diversity Excellence Scholarship (DES) is a tuition-remission scholarship with awards ranging from partial to full tuition and fee waivers. The UO Diversity Excellence Scholarship Selection Committee determines the amount and duration of each award. Recipients must meet specific scholarship-renewal requirements to retain their scholarships.  Open to incoming students, undergraduates, and graduate students.

Other funding resources

Student Employment

Federal Aid FAFSA – Free Application for Federal Student Aid. FAFSA distributes 80 billion dollars a year in financial aids to students through postsecondary institutions. We encourage students to apply for FAFSA to apply to federal student aid such as Pell grants, student loans and college work-study.

  • College Work Study: There are many opportunities for those with work-study eligibility to work on and off campus in policy and planning-relevant positions. It is highly recommended that you request work-study as part of your FAFSA financial aid package. You should speak with departmental faculty that you are interested in working with to see if a position can be developed for you. PPPM workstudy positions are advertised at the Career Center website.

Last updated October 29, 2015