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Planning, Public Policy and Management


Undergraduate brochurePlanning, Public Policy and Management Undergraduate Program

The Planning, Public Policy and Management's undergraduate program provides an interdisciplinary liberal arts education that prepares students for work in the fields of planning, public policy and public and nonprofit management. Through course work that integrates theory and practice, the curriculum focuses on the ways governments, nonprofit organizations, and other institutions address public problems. Students explore the economic, social, and environmental characteristics of communities and systems of governance to determine effective ways to advance the public's goals. The curriculum helps students develop knowledge of core issues related to public policy and management as well as a specialized expertise in an area of their choosing. Emphasis is placed on developing skills in research; verbal, written, and digital communication; and working in group settings.


The Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) or Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree in planning, public policy and management provides students with a broad, interdisciplinary, liberal-arts background and a sound basis for graduate study in fields such as urban planning, public policy and management, business, law, journalism, public health and social welfare. In addition, graduates are prepared for entry-level positions in public service agencies and nonprofit and private organizations that address issues allied to planning, public policy and public management.

The undergraduate program offers a Major, Minor, Minor in Nonprofit Administration and Honors Thesis option. For full details on each program, please use the above links or contact the office staff during summer:

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