School of Planning, Public Policy and Management Courses for Nonmajors

Note: These are some of the courses that are open to nonmajors (as long as you have satisfied the prerequisites). For the complete list of classes available each term, please visit the UO Class Schedule. To explore courses in general, visit the UO Catalog.

PPPM 201. Introduction to Public Policy (4 Credits)

Overview of professional public service and the planning and management of public issues. Focuses on the goals of public services within their economic, social, and political contexts. SSC*

PPPM 202. Healthy Communities (4 Credits)

Historical relationships of public policy, planning, and public health; how public policies can promote health; relationship of planning and policies to inequalities in health outcomes. SSC

PPPM 205. Introduction to City Planning (4 Credits)

Introduces students to the discipline of planning. Covers a range of subdisciplines, including physical and land use planning, urban design, public health, housing, community development, and social planning. SSC

PPPM 280. Introduction to the Nonprofit Sector (4 Credits)

Overview of the nonprofit sector includes its origin, growth, oversight, and varied elements. Examines theory and research into the effectiveness of nonprofit strategies and structures. SSC

PPPM 325. Community Leadership and Change (4 Credits)

Explores sustainable change at the community level by examining local systems and institutions: transportation, social influences, environment, housing, and the economy.

PPPM 444. Environmental Policy (4 Credits)

Overview of policies related to the environment: examines the design and effectiveness of specific policies.

PPPM 445 Green Cities (4 Credits)

Examines the history and future of the interface between urban growth and environmental concerns, and the technological, social, and political forces that continue to shape it.

PPPM 460 Health Policy (4 Credits)

Introduction to the key health policy issues of access, cost, quality, and racial and ethnic disparities.

PPPM 480 Nonprofit Management I (4 Credits, prerequisite PPPM 280)

How to manage nonprofit organizations for superior performance in a humane, responsive, and responsible manner. Distinctive characteristics of nonprofit organizations.

*SSC = Group-satisfying course, social sciences