Chronicle of Higher Education touts SCI model

The UO's Sustainable Cities Initiative (SCI) has been mentioned again in the Chronicle of Higher Education in a story entitled “Want a College Experience That Matters? Get to Work”. In his story, Scott Carlson notes, "…[the] current generation of students yearns for real-world work, [and] a comprehensive program that takes on real-world problems can attract some of the best. Last year I wrote about the University of Oregon’s Sustainable Cities Initiative, which connects Oregon cities with students in architecture, planning, business, communications, geography, law, and other disciplines. Top students in the program said they’d picked Oregon over other colleges precisely because the program would give them practical training in their disciplines, along with challenges they couldn’t get in a classroom, like local politics and budget constraints. Nearly 20 institutions—among the latest the University of Connecticut and the University of Tennessee—are creating their own versions of Oregon’s program."

SCI logo

July 3, 2014