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Planning, Public Policy and Management

Faculty and Staff

PPPM Tenure Track Faculty

Benjamin Clark, Ph.D.Ben Clark Assistant Professor
Research interests: Public management, Coproduction, Public sector crowdsourcing, citizen engagement, local government management, public budgeting and finance.

Renee IrvinRenee Irvin Associate Professor
Associate Department Head; Director, Master of Nonprofit Management Program; Director, Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Management. Research interests: Economics of the nonprofit & philanthropic sectors. Includes regulatory oversight of nonprofits, endowment funding, comparative nonprofit/for-profit outcomes performance, rural philanthropy and institutional grantmaking.

Grant JacobsenGrant Jacobsen Associate Professor
Director, Master of Public Administration Program.
Research interests: Environmental economics and policy; energy efficiency and renewable energy; voluntary environmental protection.

Saurabh LallSaurabh Lall Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Social enterprise; impact investing; nonprofit management; impact philanthropy, evaluation and performance measurement; entrepreneurial ecosystems.

Laura LeeteLaura Leete Associate Professor
Research interests: Workforce development policy and labor market institutions; poverty and social policy; nonprofit economics and nonprofit labor markets.

Rebecca Lewis, Assistant Professor in PPPMRebecca Lewis Assistant Professor
Research interests: Land use policy; growth management; urban form; sustainable development; state and local public finance.

Rich MargerumRich Margerum Professor
Department Head; Director, Master of Community and Regional Planning Program; Director of PPPM Undergraduate Program. Research interests: Environmental planning, land-use issues and collaborative planning and management, decision making and evaluation of implementation.

Dyana MasonDyana Mason Assistant Professor
Research interests: Nonprofit management and governance, nonprofits and advocacy, charitable giving and philanthropy, contracting and cross-sectoral collaboration.

Nicole NgoNicole Ngo Assistant Professor
Research interests: Health economics, environmental policy, urban sustainability, atmospheric science.

Gerardo SandovalGerardo Francisco Sandoval Associate Professor
Research interests: Gerardo Sandoval’s research is situated within intersections of urban planning, immigration, and community change. As an urban planning scholar, he examines the links between immigrant communities, transnationalism, and placemaking.

Marc SchlossbergMarc Schlossberg Professor
Associate Director of National Institute for Transportation and Communities (NITC).
Research interests: The use of GIS personal digital assistants (PDA) for public participation, understanding walkability of the built environment, and safe routes to school for children.

Yizhao YangYizhao Yang Associate Professor
Interim Planning Program Director; Research interests: Environment-people-behavior relationships and well-being as impacted by land use patterns, urban design, built environment, physical activities and school travel time; understanding/transference of place-making knowledge and practices between cultures and countries.


PPPM Faculty Emeriti

Bryan Downes Professor Emeritus
Research interests: Community governance; strategies for achieving organizational excellence in the public and nonprofit sectors; leadership and management of public sector change efforts, implementing total-quality management, building sustainable communities, American and Canadian.

Maradel Gale Associate Professor Emerita
Past Research Interests: Sustainable community development, particularly in small island developing states in the Pacific. Through the Micronesia and South Pacific Program advanced graduate students and community professionals worked with local island counterparts to transfer skills as requested by island governments and organizations. particularly from the grass roots; design of functional work environments in the Pacific, integrating traditional and western cultural concepts.

Judith Hibbard Professor Emerita, Faculty Fellow for Institute for Policy Research and Innovation
Research interests: Testing approaches that give consumers and patients more knowledge and control that can improve the quality of their health care and health outcomes; how consumers understand and use health care information; how health literacy affects choices; enrollee behavior within consumer driven health plans; and assessments of patient and consumer activation.

Mike Hibbard Professor Emeritus, Past President, Association of Collegiate Schools of Planning (ACSP), Past Director, Institute for Policy Research and Innovation
Research interests:
Social impacts of economic change, especially natural resource and agricultural development, on small towns, indigenous communities, and rural regions in developed countries;
Sustainable regional development, especially the relationship between metropolitan areas and their rural hinterlands.

Carl Hosticka Associate Professor Emeritus
Research interests: Policy analysis, cost-benefit analysis, natural resource policy, government finance.

David Povey Professor Emeritus
Research interests: application of cost-effective technology to protect and enhance the Oregon environment and maintain a working economy, recreation as a regional development activity, sustainable development and regional self-sufficiency.

Jean Stockard Professor Emerita
Research interests: Social planning, with a special focus on youth, families, education, and health; the influence of personal characteristics on decision making; research methods and data analysis. 

Ed Weeks Associate Professor Emeritus
Research interests: Applied research methods; how important questions in public administration can be answered through research; the application of rigorous methods to field-based settings.


Visiting Scholars

The purpose of the visiting scholar program is to host people with a scholarly interest in topics related to the Department of Planning, Public Policy and Management. The program offers scholars the opportunity to live and conduct research in the United States, network with Oregon faculty and students, and advance their scholarship.

Scholars interested in applying for visiting scholar status should mail or email the following information to the Department of PPPM:
• A formal request and statement of their planned activities while at the University of Oregon; and
• A current curriculum vita.

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