Community Planning Workshop completes video about Oregon Historic Theaters

Graduate students in the UO Community Planning Workshop, a program of the Community Service Center, have produced a 14-minute video about the preservation challenges faced by many of Oregon’s 120 historic theaters. The video, produced by PPPM graduate student Craig Wiroll, follows an inventory and needs assessment of the theaters conducted in partnership with Travel Oregon, Oregon Main Street, and Pacific Power. With a background of old-time piano music over contrasting images of the theaters in their heyday and in their current deteriorating conditions, the goal of the video is to draw attention to how the historic theaters can be restored. The students’ survey revealed that only 9 percent of the 120 theaters today are “thriving,” 58 percent have deferred maintenance, and 78 percent need seismic upgrades. “These cultural gems serve as downtown anchors and speak to our rich architectural and artistic history,” the project’s website says. For ways to help, contact the CSC or visit the historic theaters project website.