Scholarships and Awards

Planning, Public Policy and Management Funding and Scholarships

There are various opportunities for financial support available to students in the School of Planning, Public Policy and Management.

College of Design Scholarships

Scholarships in the College of Design are open for application by students who are enrolled majors within any of our disciplines. These scholarships have been made possible by donations from private parties, both individuals and business organizations. Many are provided by alumni who have been moved to give back, and who want to be part of helping to support students today as they earn their own degrees.

Visit the College of Design Scholarships page to learn about the more than 100 scholarships offered. Visit the College of Design Scholarship Awardees blog to read student profiles and see the impact donor-funded scholarships are having on their lives.

University of Oregon Scholarships

Students can find additional information about funding opportunities at Financial Aid and Scholarships.

A number of scholarships are available for international students who are enrolled at the UO. Visit International Student and Scholar Services for more information.