PPPM Awards

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The School of Planning, Public Policy and Management, in conjunction with the PPPM Advisory Council, presents the following awards in the spring of each year:

The Distinguished Alumna/us Award is given to a graduate of the program (at any level) who has developed a distinguished reputation in his or her chosen field over an extended period of time. Recipients of the award will generally have received their degree at least 10 years prior to receipt of the award. Recipients may have received their degrees from any area of the department including predecessors of the current departmental configuration, such as Community Service and Public Affairs (CSPA).

The Distinguished Recent Alumna/us Award is given to more recent graduates, usually within fewer than 10 years of graduation, who have shown extraordinary success within the period since finishing their University of Oregon degree. Attempts will be made to alternate awardees between the undergraduate degree and the three masters programs.

The Award for Outstanding Service to Oregon is given to members of the general public who have given extraordinary service, over an extended period of time, to the state of Oregon.

The Service to PPPM by a Community Partner Award recognizes a government agency or nonprofit organization that provides community-based educational opportunities to PPPM students and faculty. Recipients of the award will have been engaged with PPPM for at least 5 years and provided multiple types of learning opportunities to students. 

Members of the department, the PPPM Advisory Council, and alumni are asked to nominate individuals for the awards in the early winter of each year. A committee of department faculty, students, and the Advisory Council reviews the nominees and provides recommendations for awardees. Decisions are made in March. Awardees must be able to attend the spring awards ceremony.

The PPPM Outstanding Teacher of the Year Award is chosen by all PPPM students, in conjunction with a member of the PPPM Advisory Council, using criteria and selection procedures determined by those groups. Student volunteers work with the PPPM Advisory Council representative to make their selection by early May.

The 2024 PPPM Awards are coming! Join us on May 30th at 3 pm in the Ford Alumni Center for celebration, networking, student excellence, and more! Read more on this year's winners here. 

Past Award Recipients Include:

Outstanding Service to Oregon: Darlene Hooley (2023), Ramon Ramirez (2022), Bill Rauch (2019), Terry McDonald (2018), Vera Katz (2017), Joyce Braden Harris (2016), Roberto Jiménez (2015), William L. Sullivan (2014), Genevieve Nelson (2013), Michael J. Jordan (2012), Noel Klein (2011), Antone Minthorn (2010), Hardy Myers (2009), Priscilla Gould (2008), Laura M. Pryor (2007), Mrs. Sue Shaffer (2006), Jim Torrey (2005), Gov. Vic Atiyeh (2004), Congressman Peter DeFazio (2003), and Richard C. Townsend (2002)

Distinguished Alumna/us: Anita Yap(2023), David Donaldson (2022), Steve Brye (2019), André Le Duc (2018), HE Talal Al Rahbi (2017), Danielle Arigoni (2016), Timothy Beatley (2015), Robert D. Atkinson, MUP '85 (2014), Terry Moore, MA Public Affairs/MUP '77 (2013), Chip Terhune, CSPA '93 (2012), Sue Dee Shenk, CSPA '71 (2011), Mariza A. Rogers, CSPA '93 (2010), Rachel Bristol, CSPA '82 (2009), Susan Anderson, MUP '82 (2008), Stephen P. Greenwood, CSPA '73 (2007), Julia Ann Demichelis, MUP '91 (2006), Stephen Bryant, CSPA '74 (2005), Wes Hare, MSPA '88 (2004), Gregg Kantor, MUP '81 (2003), and Steven J. Wright, MSPA '81 (2002).

Distinguished Recent Alumna/us: Jessica Bloomfield (2023), Serena (Parcell) McGovern (2022), Tiffany Hall (2019), Amanda West (2018), Jess Neff (2017), Courtney Lanham Griesel (2016), Lorelei Juntunen (2015), Marian Blankenship, MPA 2006 (2014), Jennifer M. Wagner, PPPM 2005 (2013), Alexia Caitlin Kelly, BA-PPPM 2003, MCRP 2006, MPA 2006 (2012), Kristen Karle, MCRP 2001 (2011), Wylie Chen, PPPM 2000 (2010), Karmen Fore, MA, Public Affairs '98 (2009), Geneva Wiki, PPPM '00 (2008), Tomas Andrew Endicott, MCRP 2001 (2007), Scott Courtland Derickson, MPA '95 (2006), Kristin Diane Bonner, MCRP '99 (2005), Gregory Pulliam, PPPM '94 (2004), Cynthia van Zelm, MPA '95 (2003), Kirstin A. Greene, MCRP '97 (2002).

Service to PPPM by a Community Partner: FOOD for Lane County (2024)

Outstanding Teacher of the Year: Anne Brown and Jose Melendez (2022), Rebecca Lewis (2023, 2019, 2018), Bob Choquette (2017), Rebecca Clay Lewis (2016), Dyana Mason (2015), Bob Choquette (2014), Marc Schlossberg (2013), Bob Parker (2012), Laura Leete (2011), Neil Bania (2010), Laura Leete (2009), Bethany Johnson (2008), Neil Bania (2007), Carl Hosticka (2006), Jessica Greene (2005), Jean Stockard (2004), Renee Irvin (2003), and Michael Hibbard (2002).