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Financial aid is available for the degree program for students attending more than half time. Students in need of financial aid are encouraged to apply for work-study support or loans by submitting the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) available October 1. Please refer to the Office of Student Financial Aid for more information on student financial aid.

Graduate Employee Positions

Graduate Employment positions (known as GEs) are available on a competitive basis both in the school and elsewhere at UO. PPPM posts available GEs in winter each year for the following year, and the UO Graduate School has a university-wide listing of GEs that open up throughout the year. We offer approximately 30 terms of GE positions per year. They are advertised in the spring, and as needed. Graduate students attending their first quarter and beyond are eligible to apply for these positions. They are posted on the student listserve in the spring for the following year. We invite all of our enrolled PPPM students to apply.

GE awards include a full tuition waiver, health insurance, and a competitive monthly stipend. For full consideration of a GE award, application for admission to PPPM programs and financial aid should be complete by February 1 of the academic year prior to admission. For further information on GE appointment, please go to General Duties and Responsibilities, (select Planning, Public Policy and Management) for the document describing the specific relationship between GEs and PPPM.

Many PPPM students hold GEs around the university. PPPM students have traditionally been successful in obtaining these positions because of their professional experience and degree background.

The School of Planning, Public Policy and Management (PPPM) strongly encourages applications from people of all backgrounds. PPPM is dedicated to fostering an academic environment that will prepare our students to flourish in diverse communities both locally and abroad. We recognize that a diverse student body brings multiple perspectives (e.g., cultural, historical, spiritual, and political) that enhance the curriculum and offer various sources for learning. We also recognize that a familiarity and comfort with diverse viewpoints, backgrounds, and real-life experiences will help produce better future public leaders. The University of Oregon offers Diversity Excellence Scholarships for graduate students who are US citizens. The deadline is before PPPM's application deadline.

International students interested in financial aid opportunities should visit the UO's International Student and Scholar Services web page for additional information.

Individuals who are selected for and complete a full-time, 11-month term of service through the Resource Assistance for Rural Environments (RARE) program obtain a living stipend, medical insurance, education award, and may apply for in-state residency. RARE members are not UO students, and it is not feasible to concurrently participate in RARE and pursue the MCRP, MPA, or MNM graduate degrees. Those who successfully complete RARE and are admitted to a PPPM graduate program will receive a waiver of up to 9 graduate credits.


Scholarships in the College of Design are open for application by students who are enrolled majors within any of our disciplines. A select number of scholarships within certain disciplines are available for application by students who are applying for admission to a College of Design program.

The more than 110 scholarships in our college have been made possible by donations from private parties, both individuals and business organizations. Many are provided by alumni who have been moved to give back, and who want to be part of helping to support students today as they earn their own degrees.

Check with the office staff in your school or contact Academic and Career Advising at to learn more about what scholarships are currently available.

University of Oregon Funding

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UO Office of Student Financial Aid & Scholarships

UO Diversity Excellence Scholarship: The University of Oregon Diversity Excellence Scholarship recognizes the academic achievement and potential of students who, through sharing their varied cultural perspectives, will enhance the education of all students and the excellence of the university. The Diversity Excellence Scholarship (DES) is a tuition-remission scholarship with awards ranging from partial to full tuition and fee waivers. The UO Diversity Excellence Scholarship Selection Committee determines the amount and duration of each award. Recipients must meet specific scholarship-renewal requirements to retain their scholarships. Open to incoming students, undergraduates, and graduate students.

Student Employment

College Work Study: There are many opportunities for those with work-study eligibility to work on and off campus in policy and planning–related positions. It is highly recommended that you request work-study as part of your FAFSA financial aid package. You should speak with faculty that you are interested in working with to see if a position can be developed for you. PPPM workstudy positions are advertised at the Career Center.

Federal Aid FAFSA: Free Application for Federal Student Aid. FAFSA distributes 80 billion dollars a year in financial aid to students through postsecondary institutions. We encourage students to apply for FAFSA federal student aid such as Pell grants, student loans, and college work-study.

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