WalletHub quotes UO professor on trends in charitable giving

December 30, 2015

Dyana MasonAssistant Professor Dyana Mason is quoted extensively in a WalletHub story listing the “2015 Most and Least Charitable States.” Mason, of the Department of Planning, Public Policy and Management, was a handful of experts consulted for their opinions on regulations to reduce fraud, tax deductibility, challenges facing US-based charities, and how to select a nonprofit to give to. Mason noted that services once provided mostly by nonprofits are now being taken on by for-profit firms, “a long-term trend that will continue to have implications for those who work in the sector.” She advises would-be donors to pick a cause they “personally are passionate about” and vet their choice through online resources such as Charity Navigator along with asking friends and colleagues. She notes that nonprofit “best practices” include making financial reports publicly available. The WalletHub list notes donations of both money and time by state. Oregon ranked fourth—below Utah, Maryland, and Idaho—while Rhode Island ranked last, just below Arizona, California, and Louisiana. Oregon was among the “Poorest and Most Charitable” while Rhode Island and California were among the “Richest and Least Charitable.”