Profile picture of Laura Leete

Laura Leete

Associate Professor
Phone: 541-346-0834
Office: 156 Hendricks Hall
Research Interests: policy analysis, labor markets, poverty and social policy

PhD (economics), Harvard University
MA (economics), Harvard University
BA (economics), University of California-Berkeley

Summary of Interests

  • Policy Analysis
  • Poverty and Social Policy
  • Labor Market Institutions and Policy
  • Nonprofit Economics and Nonprofit Labor Markets

Current Interests

  • The effects of income volatility on well-being


  • PPPM 415: Policy and Planning Analysis
  • PPPM 455/555: Topics in Social Policy
  • PPPM 484: Public and Nonprofit Financial Management
  • PPPM 628: Public Sector Economics
  • PPPM 636: Public Policy Analysis
  • PPPM 637: 48-Hour Policy Analysis Project

Selected Publications

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