Planning, Public Policy and Management Faculty

John Arroyo

Assistant Professor
Andrew W. Mellon Fellow in Latino Studies, School for Advanced Research (Santa Fe, NM)
Phone: 541-346-2265
Research Interests: Urban Planning and Design, Latina/o/x Studies, Race and Ethnicity, Migration, Transnational Processes, Environmental and Climate Justice, Community Development, Housing, Suburbs, Public Space, Arts and Culture, Historic Preservation, Qualitative Methods

Doug Blandy

Phone: 541-346-3397
Office: 147D Hendricks Hall

Anne Brown

Assistant Professor
Phone: 541-346-2112
Office: 247C Hendricks Hall
Research Interests: transportation equity, shared mobility, travel behavior

Josh Bruce

Senior Research Assistant I
Associate Director for Applied Research
Phone: 541-346-7326
Office: 231 Hendricks Hall
Research Interests: Community Resilience, Natural Hazard Mitigation, Disaster Recovery, Climate Adaptation, Environmental Planning

Bob Choquette

Senior Instructor II
Graduate Coordinator
Disability Studies, PPPM
Phone: 541-346-3851
Office: 106 Hendricks Hall

Benjamin Clark

Associate Professor
Phone: 541-346-7320
Office: 236 Hendricks Hall
Research Interests: Coproduction, Crowdsourcing, Autonomous Vehicles, Public Budgeting & Finance, Public Management, Public Administration, 311 Systems, Local Government, COVID-19, Coronavirus

Aniko Drlik-Muehleck

IPRE Applied Rsch Portfolio Mgr
Phone: 541-346-2873
Office: 230 Hendricks Hall

Donald Holtgrieve

Phone: 541-206-8541
Office: 13 Hendricks Hall
Research Interests: Historical Geography, Environmental Planning and Management

Michael Howard

Assistant Program Director Oregon Partnership for Disaster Resilience
Phone: 541-346-8413
Office: 232 Hendricks Hall

Renee Irvin

Associate Professor
Interim Director, School of Planning, Public Policy & Management; Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Management Program Director
Phone: 541-346-2155
Office: 147A Hendricks Hall
Research Interests: Economics of nonprofit organizations and philanthropy, regulation of the nonprofit sector, federal and state policy affecting asset-building and wealth distribution, think tanks and their funders vis-à-vis tax reform and inequality in the US.

Patricia Lambert

Director, Graduate Certificate in Arts Management
Phone: 541-346-2050
Office: 108 Hendricks Hall
Research Interests: Cultural policy, arts & cultural leadership, arts in health

Laura Leete

Director, Master of Public Administration Program and Associate Professor
Phone: 541-346-0834
Office: 156 Hendricks Hall
Research Interests: policy analysis, labor markets, poverty and social policy

Rebecca Lewis

Associate Professor
Co-Director - Institute for Policy Research and Engagement
Phone: 541-346-4432
Office: 247A Hendricks Hall
Research Interests: Land Use Policy, Growth Management, Urban Form, Housing Affordability in Rural Oregon, Transportation Planning and Finance

Richard Margerum

Professor of Planning, Public Policy, and Management
Associate Dean for Faculty and Academic Affairs
College of Design, Environmental Studies, PPPM
Phone: 541-346-2526
Office: 147B Hendricks Hall
Research Interests: Collaborative governance, environmental planning and policy, watershed management

Dyana Mason

Associate Professor
Director, Master's in Nonprofit Management
Phone: 541-346-2324
Office: 147C Hendricks Hall
Research Interests: Nonprofit management and governance, fundraising, advocacy.

Jessica Matthiesen

Senior Instructor I, Undergraduate Internship Director
Undergraduate Program Director
Phone: 541-346-3604
Office: 121B Hendricks Hall

José W. Meléndez

PhD Program Director
Assistant Professor
Phone: 541-346-2142
Office: 111 Hendricks Hall
Research Interests: Civic engagement, Design-based research, Designing for equity, Designing learning environments, Designing participatory processes, Discourse analysis, Activity systems, Latino/a/x immigrants, Collective & system level learning, Learning Sciences

Nicole Ngo

Associate Professor
Phone: 541-346-0687
Office: 158 Hendricks Hall
Research Interests: environmental health, air pollution, transportation, urban sustainability

Roland Ofori

Visiting Assistant Professor
Office: 128 Hendricks Hall

Adrian Parr

Dean, College of Design
Professor, Planning, Public Policy and Management; Associated Faculty, History of Art and Architecture and Landscape Architecture
College of Design, History Art & Arch, Landscape Arch, PPPM
Office: Lawrence Hall
Research Interests: contemporary art, cultural studies, art & architectural theory, environmental theory

Eleonora Redaelli

Associate Professor
Phone: 541-346-2298
Office: 102 Hendricks Hall
Research Interests: Cultural Policy, Creative Placemaking, Theories of Place, Participation, American Cities, Arts Management

Gerard Sandoval

Professor, Planning, Public Policy and Management
Senate Vice President and President-Elect, University of Oregon Senate
Phone: 541-346-8432
Research Interests: Community Development, Urban Planning and Migration, Neighborhood Revitalization

Marc Schlossberg

Professor, City & Regional Planning
Co-Director Sustainable Cities Institute (SCI)
Phone: 541-346-2046
Office: 247B Hendricks Hall
Research Interests: sustainability, transportation, social change

Blair Thomas

Visiting Assistant Professor
Office: 109 Hendricks
Research Interests: Citizen Engagement, Nonprofit Management, Public Administration, Public Branding / Marketing, Public Licensing, Strategic Management, Sport / Athlete Protest

Julie Voelker-Morris

Senior Instructor II/Career Services Director
Director, UO Common Reading, See
Phone: 541-346-2179
Office: 121A Hendricks Hall
Research Interests: experiential learning, professional and career development, cultural agility, systems of oppression and access, arts & cultural leadership, art & popular culture, arts and culture in parks and recreation

Yizhao Yang

Associate Professor
SCI-China Program Director
Asian Studies, PPPM
Phone: 541-346-0833
Office: 115 Hendricks Hall