Public Engagement

The complexity of policy problems, diffusion of governance and increased importance of engaging communities is increasing the need to develop more robust and inclusive participatory processes. Researchers in PPPM are examining strategies and tactics for engaging stakeholders, residents, and elected officials in participatory processes. In particular, this research examines issues such as:

  • engaging underrepresented communities
  • strategies for public sector coproduction and crowd sourcing
  • the role of citizen, government, and nonprofit stakeholders in implementation


Gerardo Sandoval: How marginalized Latinos are creating spaces of inclusion in their towns
José Melendez: Approaches to engaging diverse communities in public decision-making
Richard Margerum: The challenges of sustaining networks of government and non-government participants in governance
Dyana Mason: The role of collaborative strategies by nonprofits/NGOs to meet their missions in both US and international contexts
Ben Clark: Citizen coproduction of government services and the application of crowdsourcing in the public sector
Eleonora Redaelli: Examination of issues of urban governance in arts and culture and strategies for authentic participation in communities and in the classroom