Minor in Nonprofit Administration

The School of Planning, Public Policy and Management offers a minor of special value to students interested in a career in the nonprofit sector. Through the minor, you can enhance your undergraduate education to include preparation for occupations and graduate study in nonprofit administration. Nonprofit organizations comprise one of the fastest growing employment sectors in the country, creating a high demand for graduates with skills to work for these diverse and exciting organizations.

Course Work

The minor in Nonprofit Administration (NPA) requires 25 credits as outlined below:

Required Core Courses (17 credits)

You must take, and pass with a C- or better, the following:  

  • PPPM 280 Introduction to the Nonprofit Sector, 4 credits
  • PPPM 422 Grant Proposal Writing, 1 credit
  • PPPM 480 Nonprofit Management, 4 credits
  • PPPM 481 Fundraising for Nonprofit Organizations, 4 credits
  • PPPM 484 Public and Nonprofit Financial Management, 4 credits

Elective Courses, 8 credits

You may satisfy this requirement with any combination of the courses listed below. Other elective courses may be substituted with departmental permission (must be 300 level or higher and must be related to nonprofit administration). Contact the PPPM Undergraduate Advisor before selecting electives for the nonprofit administration minor.

Nonprofit Elective Courses in PPPM

  • PPPM 201 Introduction to Public Policy,* 4 credits
  • PPPM 325 Community Leadership and Change, 4 credits
  • PPPM 327 Global Leadership and Change, 4 credits
  • PPPM 404 Internship, 4–8 credits (Prerequisite: PPPM 412. Note: must be a supervised PPPM internship with a nonprofit organization)
  • PPPM 407 Seminar: Volunteer Resource Management, 2 credits
  • PPPM 407 Seminar: Strategic Communications Management, 4 credits
  • PPPM 407 Seminar: Nonprofit Legal Issues, 4 credits
  • PPPM 412 Internship and Professional Development, 1 credit
  • PPPM 418 Introduction to Public Law, 4 credits
  • PPPM 425 Project Management, 4 credits
  • PPPM 426 Strategic Planning for Management, 4 credits
  • PPPM 432 Justice and Urban Revitalization, 4 credits
  • PPPM 446 Socioeconomic Development Planning, 4 credits
  • PPPM 460 Health Policy, 4 credits
  • PPPM 465 Program Evaluation, 4 credits
  • PPPM 486 Philanthropy and Grant Making, 2 credits
  • PPPM 494 Practice of Leadership and Change, 4 credits

*A maximum of four lower-division credits may apply to the elective requirement.

Nonprofit Elective-Satisfying Courses in Other Departments*

  • AAD 312 Arts Management, 4 credits
  • AAD 420 Event Management, 4 credits
  • J 340 Principles of Advertising, 4 credits
  • J 350 Principles of Public Relations, 4 credits
  • BA 316 Mgmt: Value through People, 4 credits
  • BA 317 Mkt: Value for Customer, 4 credits
  • EC 440 Issues in Public Economics, 4 credits
  • EC 430 Urban and Regional Economic Problems, 4 credits

PPPM majors may also complete the nonprofit minor with additional PPPM credits. Eight PPPM credits can count toward the major and the minor, requiring an additional 17 credits to complete both the PPPM major and NPA minor (77 credits total).

*Students are allowed to apply up to 4 credits of non-PPPM courses to the elective requirement.