Arts and Administration

The Arts and Administration curricular area was embedded within the School of Planning, Public Policy and Management (PPPM) in 2017, as the school’s new field of interest in Arts & Cultural Leadership. The former UO Arts and Administration Program no longer accepts applications to its undergraduate major and minor or its master’s degree programs of study.

Undergraduate students interested in arts management are encouraged to enroll in elective courses within the Arts & Cultural Leadership field of interest offered in PPPM. You can learn more information about undergraduate majors and minors here.

Graduate students interested in academic study and careers in arts management are encouraged to apply to the Master of Nonprofit Management program, in which they can complete concurrently the Graduate Certificate in Arts Management. Master’s and doctoral students in any other UO degree program are welcome to apply for the Graduate Certificate in Arts Management or take elective courses in this field of interest. This graduate certificate may also be completed as a stand-alone program of study.