Profile picture of Shengxiao (Alex) Li

Shengxiao (Alex) Li

Visiting Assistant Professor
Office: Hendricks 107
Research Interests: Transportation planning and policy, Age-friendly urban planning, local climate change actions

PhD (City and Regional Planning), University of Pennsylvania (2022)
M.A. (City and Regional Planning), University of Pennsylvania (2021)
M.S. (Urban and Regional Planning), Peking University, China (2018)
B.A. (Urban Management and Economics), Peking University, China (2015)

Recent Publications
Li, Shengxiao (Alex). 2023. "How do Baby Boomers Travel Differently from the Silent Generation? Transportation.”
Li, Shengxiao (Alex). 2023. “Transportation Planning for Older Americans: Challenges, Federal Policies, and Next Steps.” Journal of Aging & Social Policy, July, 1–19.
Li, Shengxiao (Alex). 2023. “Revisiting the Relationship between Information and Communication Technologies and Travel Behavior: An Investigation of Older Americans.” Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice 172 (June): 103689.
Wang, Shuhong, Shengxiao (Alex) Li, and Wanyang Hu. 2022. “Grandparenting and Subjective Well-Being in China: The Moderating Effects of Residential Location, Gender, Age, and Income.” Social Science & Medicine 315 (December): 115528.
Li, Shengxiao(Alex). 2022. “Vehicle Ownership over the Life Course among Older Americans: A Longitudinal Analysis.” Transportation, September.
Li, Shengxiao (Alex), Wanyang Hu, and Fuyu Guo. 2022. “Recent Relocation Patterns Among Older Adults in the United States.” Journal of the American Planning Association 88 (1): 15–29.
Li, Shengxiao (Alex), and Pengjun Zhao. 2022. “Examining Commuting Disparities across Different Types of New Towns and Different Income Groups: Evidence from Beijing, China.” Habitat International 124 (June): 102558.
Li, Shengxiao(Alex), Wei Zhai, Junfeng Jiao, and Chao (Kenneth) Wang. 2022. “Who Loses and Who Wins in the Ride-Hailing Era? A Case Study of Austin, Texas.” Transport Policy 120 (May): 130–38.
Li, Shengxiao (Alex), Xiaodong Guan, and Donggen Wang. 2022. “How Do Constrained Car Ownership and Car Use Influence Travel and Life Satisfaction?” Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice 155 (January): 202–18.
Li, Shengxiao (Alex), Hongyu (Anna) Duan, Tony E. Smith, and Haoyu Hu. 2022. “Time-Varying Accessibility to Senior Centers by Public Transit in Philadelphia.” Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice 151 (September): 245–58.