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Ric Stephens

Phone: 503-501-7397
Office: 119 Hendricks Hall

Ric Stephens is an educator, consultant, and civic advisor helping to create meaningful and memorable places in over 40 countries. Mr. Stephens is currently an adjunct instructor for several universities and colleges where he teaches courses in urban planning, aviation, and international development. Ric is a former President of the International Society of City and Regional Planners (ISOCARP) which is affiliated with UN-Habitat, UNESCO, the European Union, the Global Planners Network, and many other international organizations. His fields of expertise include:


  • Urban Planning including project management, aviation planning, master planning, land use and development
  • Tourism Planning including resort and tourism development
  • International Planning including presentations, lectures, and advisory services


  • Urban Design including spatial, site and landscape design
  • Regenerative Design including sustainable development and urban resiliency
  • Experiential Design including perceptual and psychological design


  • Geospatial Analysis & Cartography - geocoding, interactive mapping and modeling
  • Multimedia - website design, photography/videography and infographics
  • Uncrewed Aircraft Systems - photography/videography, emergency services and environmental management

My university projects include multiple collaborative design initiatives with local cities and international organizations. Many of these are online at… . My professional accomplishments can be reviewed on LinkedIn at